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Longevity of Web Frameworks: MDL/MDC

March 23, 2019

Not too long ago I decided to start a web project using Django, Knockout.JS and Material Design Lite. It seemed like a good choice back then, I did not want to create a heavy-weight JS frontend with too many libraries, while at the same time having a good-looking and responsive frontend.

I haven't even finished the project yet, and the UI framework is already dead. What's even worse that the migration the successor is not straightforward at all[1]. Thanks for that, Google.

Now can I either fix issues in the framework myself or spend a lot of time migrating to MDC Web.

It really bugs me how often it happens that frameworks are just killed off without any consideration for the time developers have already invested into it. There's no point anymore in investing a lot of time into learning something, because chances are there's already the next big thing around the corner, promising to do everything better. And support for the "legacy" frameworks just ceases very quickly, in my experience Google is especially bad at this.

I think good advice is often to just pick the "boring" choices that are not as shiny, don't make the same mistakes.

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