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Windows 10 Installation Experience

Oct. 9, 2016

Why is the process of installing Windows 10 so complicated and broken?

First I tried to install Windows 10 through the upgrade tool. The download took quite a while and I had to turn off the computer while the download was still in progress. In most cases that would not be a problem and the tool would just continue where it stopped. Well, not the upgrade tool - it just starts again. What a joke.

Then, it just got stuck at 99%. No clue why, it was stuck there for hours, so chances were it will never finish. Alright, so I'll just try to install it through the Media Creation Tool. I'll just make a USB stick with Windows 10 and install it cleanly, should be better anyway.

Oh wait, the download page for that tool does not work in IE9. It just renders a white page. So I download Firefox.

Hmm, the media creation tool does not recognise my USB stick. Formatting doesn't help, no matter if NTFS, FAT32, it just doesn't work. And I don't have an empty DVD. Well, crap.

Tried it on a different computer with Win7, nope. As it turns out, it only recognises USB sticks on Windows 10. Luckily I have a Surface with Windows 10. So I create the medium with that.

Now it's stuck on 'Preparation'. A reboot solved it.

And just after that I finally was able to install it. How can something like that be so utterly broken and difficult? From a company like Microsoft I honestly expect better. I've had my fair share of problems with Windows 10 already, but that even the installation experience is so bad is just shocking. That was one of the most infuriating installation experiences I've ever had.

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